Candle Soylutions wholesale soy candle wax, supplies, fragrance oils, candle containers, soy candle kits and more, in Eugene Oregon


You can contact us via email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with any suggestions, technical support, shipping errors or comments. We will get back to you in a timely manner.

Candle Soylutions has always been a computer based business model which enables us to pass on substantial labor savings to you, so all orders must be placed through the website. We do not maintain phone hours nor do we have a store front open to the public. We have nothing to hide but over the years we have found it impossible to maintain a phone and get your orders shipped with the daily amount of robot and other sales calls we receive, and the inquires from mobile callers who haven't looked at the item description thoroughly and are now calling while driving. It's simply too dangerous and not productive for anyone involved.

We find that most questions people ask have already been answered in our Shipping and Policies pages or the item description itself, so you will likey save yourself time if you start there. For the fastest response to other questions about products and availability send us a detailed EMAIL. This gives us the time to research your questions and give you real answers, in writing, without the phone tag.

[email protected]

This makes us more efficient and helps keep your prices down, too!


Just add the items you are interested into the Shopping Cart online and enter your zip code when asked. The shipping shown in the shopping cart should be pretty close. If you pay through PayPal "What you see is what you pay". However we do adjust shipping savings (when the shopping cart over-estimates) for orders paid with a debit or credit card.

Please view our Shipping and Policies pages prior to ordering or questioning the costs as your answers are likely already there.


If there is a question about your order will always try to contact you by email first. This helps keeps our costs down and is more convenient for all involved.

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