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Want a quick shipping estimate?  For orders in the United States only, just add your items to our shopping cart, after the first item you'll be prompted to enter your shipping (street address) zip code. Then keep adding items to your cart, the shipping will update with every item. You don't have to enter any personal information until you are actually ready to buy. You can change the shipping method before or during the checkout process.

How do I remove shipping charges for an order I want to pickup?  Please visit our POLICIES page for more information about Local Pickup.

Do you ship International to my country?  Please visit our POLICIES page for more information about International Shipments.

Small Order & Sample Shipping- It is not unusual for the shipping to cost more than the items on very small orders so it's to your advantage to order more items and make the best of your shipping dollars. While we do have a very modest $5 minimum order all delivery companies charge a minimum to deliver even the smallest 1 pound box, AND we still have to add something for packaging supplies and all the labor for the orders, which is why adding the first few lightweight lids or other items cost so much to ship.  You will also notice that as you keep adding small items to your order the shipping does not increase as fast. To prevent product damage we no longer ship any items in bubble envelopes.

Here's The Thing- With the variety of items we sell the shopping cart system can only estimate the shipping costs. We often make shipping adjustments when our cart over estimates the shipping costs. With PayPal paid orders, we will make a shipping adjustment when the savings to you is at least $3 or more, but now PayPal will not refund the fees it charges us on the original amount, so that too has to be calculated prior to an adjustment. Otherwise it's simply too time consuming. But, if you pay by debit or credit card and IF the real shipping total is less than estimated by the shopping cart we will adjust it. This will matter the more items you purchase or the heavier the items, when the shopping cart shipping estimate is less accurate. If you are picking up your order (Eugene, Oregon), we can adjust the shipping and any other charges prior to charging your credit card.

USPS Priority Mail is a great option for smaller packages. Parcel Post (Now Parcel Select) is very slow and now costs as much as Priority without the benefits and we typically get better rates on Priority Mail which is very fast.

Keep the following in mind-USPS is most cost effective only on the smallest orders. First Class Mail is only good if your package weighs less than one pound so it rarely shows as an option in our cart. If you have a tiny order and you want First Class Mail as a cheaper option, select Priority Mail and then just let us know in the comment section you would like First Class if we can. Also, our cart doesn't know if your order will fit in a Flat Rate Box but we'll use them if we can. We have to figure that out after we get your order. USPS insurance is free only for the first $50 but UPS is free up to $100. All packages shipped will be insured. Even if we use free boxes from the post office on Flat Rate Priority mail, we need to add a small packing/processing fee to our USPS rates to cover the labor, packing peanuts and tape costs. Our UPS rates shown in your shopping cart include all of these factors.
You will not be charged more than the shipping cost shown in your shopping cart UNLESS we both agree to a change

Can you ship on my shipping account?  We no longer ship UPS Collect on other's accounts, nor do we allow other carriers access for pickup. Most people tell us they were charged more on their account than we would have charged. This is because, unless your account is a Daily Pickup Account, where the driver stops in every day, you are not getting the discounts needed to beat our costs. Even so, we have had too many issues trying to accommodate this request. We have been back charged for shipping on accounts that were verified as being in good standing and then later closed by both customers and the carriers. We have also had issues with electronic labels sent for other carrier pickup orders. Sorry, no more.

INTERNATIONAL, APO BOX AND FREIGHT FORWARDING Shipments. Candle Soylutions is no longer shipping outside the United States or to APO addresses, nor do we allow courier pick up at our location.
DUE TO AN INCREASE IN INTENTIONAL CREDIT CARD, PAYPAL AND ORDER FRAUD CANDLE SOYLUTIONS NO LONGER SHIPS TO FREIGHT FORWARDING COMPANIES. These are companies that collect many shipments from around the US and bundle them into bulk shipments to your country and then deliver to you. Many freight forwarding companies will NOT ship fragrance oils! If we determine your order is setup to a freight forwarding company we may cancel your order. Even if we complete your order by mistake you should know all responsibility for the package ends when it arrives at the shipping address you give us. Although we certainly try to avoid mistakes there is no recourse for missing or incorrect, leaking or damaged items or the shipping costs for any reason in this circumstance.

Hundred Weight Discount- The shopping cart does not calculate 100 weight discounts (UPS shipments over 200 pounds). If your order qualifies, we will calculate it after your order is packed. However, UPS now charges a flat rate over $20.00 residential surcharge on hundredweight shipments which takes away most of the benefit for residential deliveries.

Please keep in mind, the cart is programmed to only allow a certain weight in a box, and some items are programmed to ship in a separate box always-- such as wax. If you see a big jump in the shipping rate just by adding one more case of jars, for instance, then it's either because we really do need to load another box, OR it's possible we can get more items into the big box than the shopping cart thinks, without incurring an over-weight surcharge.  If you have concerns about the shipping calculation, just put a note in the "comment" line of your order to "let me know what the real shipping is before processing my order", then we'll have all the information we need to give you the quote´┐Żand we'll wait for your OK, to process your order.

If we can safely ship more than the shopping cart calculates in one box without incurring an over-weight surcharge, we will certainly pass on any savings to you- - as long as you DO NOT pay through Paypal. It is very easy for us to make the corrections before charging your credit/debit card. Shipping corrections are not made on Paypal payments. Please visit our POLICIES/PayPal page for more information about Paypal payments before using it. Boxes, tape, peanuts and labor to pack your order are all expensive. The shipping charges you see in the shopping cart include a reasonable amount to help defer those costs and may not necessarily match posted UPS prices.

Dimensional Weight: All shippers charge by the weight of the package and the distance it has to travel. If a package is larger than it should be for it's weight then the shipping company doesn't feel they are getting paid enough for their costs because they can only put so many boxes in each truck or airplane. When that's the case they will charge based on the boxes dimensions. This is most common when shipping tins and plastics. Think of Gallon jugs, they are large but don't weigh much. Example; we ship cases of our Clamshell Tart Molds in a box that weighs about 22 pounds. UPS looks at the size 22 x 16 x 17 which is equal to 5,984 cubic inches and currently divides this number by 139 (which equals 43.05) so UPS says the cost to ship this box is equal to a box weighing that many pounds. Then they always round up to the next full pound so you pay based on a 44 pound box. This is already figured into your shopping cart estimate but it explains why a package might cost more than you think it should.

$100+ Insurance & 50+ lb Surcharge: Each package shipped automatically includes UPS insurance up to $100 in product value.  Boxes with over $100 in product will be charged additional for UPS coverage which may not be reflected by your shopping cart estimate.  Also, UPS charges an "Over-weight" surcharge of at least $23 extra on boxes weighing 51 lbs or more. This used to be about $17 more for boxes over 70 lb, but changed January 2, 2020 to 50lb. So, our shopping cart is programmed to start a new box before going over (even if it's 50.1 lb).  This explains why you can add just one more little item and the shipping can jump in price more than you expect.  We'll determine whether loading a box heavier than 50 lbs or starting a new box makes more sense while packing your order. If the shopping cart does not estimate enough for shipping your packages, we will either absorb the cost or contact you for your approval before shipping so please check your email inbox frequently!

SHIPPING DAMAGE: DO NOT REFUSE YOUR PACKAGE DUE TO DAMAGE OR LEAKAGE. It is very rare for this to happen and you are still responsible for shipping even if you refuse the package. Items damaged in transit must be reported to the carrier immediately. If you need assistance after reporting your claim, please contact us by email and we will be glad to help you. Save the box and all the packing materials and package contents as they may come to pickup the package for their investigation.
Candle Soylutions will not replace breakage due to the carrier at our expense. Every item is carefully packed when it leaves here and a damage claim must be submitted. If your package is damaged and you're not willing to wait through the claims process you can put in another order for merchandise, it is your choice. Neither Candle Soylutions nor the carrier will cover the expense of expedited shipping to make up for damaged, missing or incorrect items unless you paid for expedited shipping to begin with.

Carrier proof of delivery constitutes proof that your package was delivered. The driver may or may not deliver without a signature.
Whether you or someone else at the delivery location is required to sign for your package is at the discretion of the driver. If you want your order delivered with Signature Required we will inform you if the cost is more than was estimated in the shopping cart order. Once delivered it is up to you to inform us in a timely fashion if you feel the package is missing. Claims for missing packages must be completed by the carrier before replacement orders are shipped. Replacement orders are shipped using the same carrier/method as the original. Candle Soylutions does not pay for expedited shipping unless you paid for expedited shipping on the original order.

Transit Days. We ship orders out in the order that they are received. If you choose an express delivery method...the time it takes us to process your order is not reduced...only the transportation time by the carrier is reduced. We are currently shipping orders out on the same or next business day unless a link to a Holiday Schedule or Closure notice is posted. Orders received Wednesday, Thursday or Friday will ship out faster than orders received on Mondays. Saturday and Sunday do not count as business days or UPS Transit Days. The day your order is shipped does not count as a transit day either, you start counting the day after it ships. If you are one of our regular customers and get in a bind we'll do our best to rush your order, just put a note in the order comments (this won't work if you make a habit of it!).


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