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Learn How To Make Soy Candles with a Starter Kit
For Gifts, Profit or just for FUN!

Select our ever popular Soy Container Candle Kit with the little 8 oz Square Mason Jars.

The kits are already made up, so there are no substitutions, but you can certainly add more containers, wax, wicks, fragrance oils, dyes, equipment, additives, accessories…anything you find on our site that you want…it's a great time to explore the possibilities and do some experimenting!

Jump to our Candle Fragrance Oils page for descriptions and details about our fragrance oils.

Item Description Detail
Container Candle Kit-MASON

Soy Container Candle Starter Kit-Masons
Our Best Selling Jar by Far!

$100+ Value if Ordered Separately

Just $79

10 lbs of 100% SOY Container Wax, Glass Thermometer, 4lb Pour Pot, 12 (1/2 Pint) Square Mason jars & Lids, 25 HTP105 Wicks, 25 Wick Stickers, 2 oz each of Vanilla, Black Cherry, Hot Apple Strudel, Lavender, and Ocean Fragrance Oils, and Instructions to get you started making soy candles!

Now includes Flutter Dye™ Chips
5 Canary Red Admiral (for Black Cherry)
5 Amethyst Hairstreak (for Lavender)
5 San Verdes Blue (for Ocean)

~These kits are already made up so there are no changes or substitutions, but you can add other items to this order now to save on shipping later!~

Add more delicious Fragrance Oils
Add a Scale for accurate measuring
Add more Flutter Dyes™ or Liquid Dyes
Add more Glass Containers
Add more Candle Wax
Add more Candle Wicks


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