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WIDE Mouth (Primitive) Mason Lid 3 1/4" - BROWN
Decorative Lid Fits Ball, Kerr, Atlas and other Brands Wide Mouth jars with 3 3/8" diameter threads for that primitive/rustic old look.  While the manufacturer states it is food safe, it's intended use is as a decorative candle jar lid only.  Not for canning; there is no seal and our Pulp liner does not fit this lid.  The primitive nature of these lids, and the fact they are made in China, means the finish can be smooth or a little rough, shiny or dull, and the threads are loose and can pop off when over tightened. The BROWN finish can vary in sheen from lid to lid and batch to batch, even a mix within the same order. Made in China

The images are of the Standard size lid but this item is WIDE Mouth Lids. 

WIDE MOUTH BROWN- You may like that it has a more consistant finish in a kind of milk chocolate color. The manufacturer states that this finish is food safe. It is a waterborne alkyd protective paint, the composition is water-soluble alkyd resin.

1-11 = $1.90
12-143 = 1.56 ea
144-239 = 1.52 ea
240+ = 1.45 ea

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