Wax & Jar Shipping Changes

About the new $23 Surcharge for Packages Over 50 lb. Every year UPS and FedEx raise their rates about 4.5-5% but this year UPS has also lowered the Overweight Surcharge threshold from 70 pounds down to 50 pounds. FedEx usually follows soon after. While we agree with their concept of making the packages lighter for the health and longevity of the drivers and loaders (and all of us), we have always tried to package orders in as few boxes as possible because there is always an extra cost to shipping more boxes. It has always cost more to ship two 30 lb boxes than it did to ship one 60 lb box, as long as we stayed below the previous 70 lb limit. The new 50 lb limit will have the greatest effect on every case of wax, but also on large orders of jars. To avoid shipping in multiple boxes, we had purchased extra-large heavy-duty boxes so we could add more items to your wax orders (while staying below the old 70 lb surcharge weight limit). Unfortunately, that is no longer feasible and has changed how we package wax and jars from now on.

Why is this an issue on a 50lb box of wax? Our 50 lb bag of wax weighs over 50lb in the heavy Kraft bag and weighs over 53 lb in the heavy-duty shipping box so it previously shipped as 54lb. If we ship it "as-is" at 54lb you'll pay $23 MORE THAN BEFORE, for the same box of wax! To avoid this, we now must put every box and wax bag on the scale, cut the bags open, remove 3-4 lb of wax and then tape them shut before boxing to keep the shipping weight at or under 50 lb. That means your case of wax is going to be 46-47 lb of wax. It's taking us substantially longer to package every wax case order for shipping. But, while you are losing 3-4 lb of wax, this saves you $23 per box in shipping. That 3-4 lb of wax is just not worth $23 to you, and it's not worth the extra expense of putting it into another box to ship by itself as you will still be charged more for that 2nd package. Our shopping cart is now programmed to ship boxes of wax by themselves and any other items must ship in another box.

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