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Container Candle Kit-MASON Container Candle Kit-MASON

Soy Container Candle Starter Kit-Masons
Our Best Selling Jar by Far!

$100+ Value if Ordered Separately

Just $79

10 lbs of 100% SOY Container Wax, Glass Thermometer, 4lb Pour Pot, 12 (1/2 Pint) Square Mason jars & Lids, 25 HTP105 Wicks, 25 Wick Stickers, 2 oz each of Vanilla, Black Cherry, Hot Apple Strudel, Lavender, and Ocean Fragrance Oils, and Instructions to get you started making soy candles!

Now includes Flutter Dye™ Chips
5 Canary Red Admiral (for Black Cherry)
5 Amethyst Hairstreak (for Lavender)
5 San Verdes Blue (for Ocean)

~These kits are already made up so there are no changes or substitutions, but you can add other items to this order now to save on shipping later!~

Add more delicious Fragrance Oils
Add a Scale for accurate measuring
Add more Flutter Dyes™ or Liquid Dyes
Add more Glass Containers
Add more Candle Wax
Add more Candle Wicks

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