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(A few do's & don'ts)

DO NOT TAKE CANDLE MAKING SAFETY LIGHTLY! Candle making can be very dangerous if you don't take certain safety precautions

Although not a dangerous hobby, not following basic the safety rules can cause bodily harm or a fire to your home. Fires in candle making is more the exception than the rule, but one should be prepared always.

� DON�T ever leave melting wax unwatched. Not in a double boiler, not in a presto pot, not in a microwave. That means never, ever, ever!

� DON�T get the wax too hot. The flash point of our wax is close to 500 degrees, but I don�t recommend taking any chances. 200 degrees is plenty.

DON�T allow any wax near an open flame.

� DO use a thermometer, always. You can�t judge the temperature of the wax without one. It is a must for safety reasons, and also to obtain satisfactory results.

� DO use either a presto pot (this is a "Kitchen Kettle" made by Presto-they are sold at Walmart or a double boiler. If you don�t have a presto pot or a double boiler, you can start with a coffee can and an old pot. These are the safest methods.

� DO keep the following safety equipment handy at all times: baking soda (for small fires), a pot lid (you can use this to put out a fire also), baking soda, and a dry chemical fire extinguisher. Use the fire extinguisher if the fire is not contained within the pot. Keep these items within easy access, but not in the immediate work area.

� DO take precautions against burning yourself. Use pot holders or pliers when touching hot cans or pans.

� DO run your skin under cold water right away if you get hot wax on it.

� DO clean up with soap and hot water.

Always burn your candles with care, never assume that just because your candle is in a glass jar that you are completely safe. All glass CAN crack!!!! To lessen the risk of making a candle that cracks a sure that the wick is centered so that the flame from the wick is not closer to any one side of the jar.....Choose the smallest wick possible to allow a good melt pool.....Put the candle on a fireproof surface when burning!

ENJOY making candles, but never get so over confident that you get careless.

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