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How Much Fragrance Oil to Add to Soy Wax?
1 oz (by weight) fragrance oil to 1 pound (16 oz also by weight) is the most common rule of thumb for our fragrance oils in soy wax. The wax, when brought to the proper temperature, will hold 10% fragrance load, but you will run into more wicking issues if you go over 7%.
1 oz fragrance oil in a pound of wax is; 1 (oil oz) divided by 16 (wax lb) = .0625 or 6.25% fragrance load.
For a 7% fragrance load;  multiple 16 oz (wax lb) x 7%, you'll need to use 1.12 oz of fragrance.

How Much Wax Goes in My Container?

13.5 oz of wax ( weight) takes up about the same amount of space as 16 fluid oz of water.  The confusing thing about containers is that some manufacturers label their containers as a fluid rating and some label them by weight and most often neither one will tell you which way they did it.   The other issue is that the container may be labeled an "8 oz Jelly Jar" but how close to the top did the manufacture intend the jar to be filled?   So fill your container with water to the level you want your candle to be and determine how many fluid ounces that is.   Then, multiply that number by .844 and that will tell you about how much wax you'll need.

How Many Liquid Dye Drops Should I Use?

The maximum amount is 30 drops per pound of wax (or a maximum of 0.2% dye load). Using more dye will likely clog your wick. Remember, that is the maximum you can use. Use the least amount of dye to achieve the colors you want.

For large batches you can pour and weigh your dye instead of using a dropper.
A pound of wax (anything really) weighs 464 grams. The maximum dye load is 0.2%.
So 464g x .002 = .928g dye per pound of wax.
One drop of dye weighs about .03g (same as 30mg)
The maximum of 30 drops x .03g = .9g (900mg) per pound of wax
So a 4 pound batch of wax would be 4 x .9g = 3.6g (3,600mg) dye maximum
A 20 pound batch of wax is 20 x .9g = 18g dye maximum

To check your colors.  Start with a drop of dye in a pound of wax, put a drip of your colored wax on a piece of white paper or a white paper plate. Let cool. Keep adding dye a drop or two at a time into your pound of wax until you get the color you desire. Keep good notes and you won't have to keep repeating your experiment. Be creative and have fun!
This works the same with lotion base/body butter base/soap base´┐Ż.

Candle Dye Cleanup Tip; If soap and water won't clean up the dye, you can try a little fragrance oil (may damage some surfaces). Then clean up the fragrance oil with some soap and water. I've used Clorox Clean-Up on bleach safe surfaces, too.


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