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Grandmas Swingin Eggnog Fragrance - CLOSEOUT Grandmas Swingin Eggnog Fragrance - CLOSEOUT


Grandmas Swingin Eggnog Fragrance Oil
Just in time! A classic holiday drink that is rich and creamy with eggs, sugar, milk, cream and light rum. Synthetic Carrier
(Skin Safe to 5% in soaps & gels, NOT in creams or lotions)

1 lb was $22.50   Now $11/lb!
Multiple pounds may be bulk packaged
No Samples Available for sample packs

Buy it while you can!
This Closeout fragrance is limited to about
13 lb at Last Update!
If we have less than you order we will send you what we have left and pro-rate the amount. Clearance Items are not returnable. Please visit our POLICIES page for more info.

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