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For each Cotton Muslin Bag you will need about 2 oz of the Air Freshener Media and about 3-5 drops of Candle Fragrance Oil (use more drops for lighter scents, less for really strong ones. Put your Air Freshener Media and fragrance oil in a seal-top bag or a bowl with lid for several hours before putting it in the muslin or organza bag to help bind the fragrance with the media. The fragranced media should not feel wet or oily when you put it in the muslin bag. These are selling for $5-7 in our area! Most of our customers will use a cello bags to package the already made air freshener and you can even add a 1/2 oz bottle of fragrance oil as a refresher oil for additional sales potential. Others are offering a recharge fee when their customer brings back the air freshener and you add more fragrance. This gets your customer back in the store where they can see all your new merchandise!

Most air fresheners will last 2-3 months. Remember that we become desensitized when smelling the same scent daily, especially in a small space like our car. To test your air freshener; place it in a seal top bag and go without it (or try a different scent) for several days, then bring it back out � you�ll realize you can smell it again! If you can�t, then it really is time for a recharge or replacement.

1. Put some wax paper down on your counter, this is a messy project (well, it was for me!) Heat wax to about 150 degrees. (I use � container, � votive but this is not critical-everybody does it their own way)

2. Add fragrance, between 1 to 1� oz works well. Mix thoroughly. Wear rubber gloves. The wax can be pretty warm-you may want to cool a bit before dipping your critter.

3. Dunk the critter in the scented wax-completely cover. Squeeze out the excess and put on a plate

4. Pull and "fluff" the hair. Pose the critter as desired

5. You can make them sit, lay down, wave. Be creative...there is no real wrong way or right way...Just have fun!

6. If you don't like it's looks, hit with your heat gone and melt enough to rework as desired. You can also use your blow dryer to refresh the scent.

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